Karly Kristina Design

The Inlet House


Our clients purchased their property which included ultra-modern architectural plans. However, our clients wanted more traditional elements, filled with character. Being that the home is located right on the water, they envisioned a Hampton vibe. Through our designs, we identified key details and elements to bring into the home to add the character our clients required. We added exterior finishes such as shingles and natural stone, architectural beams and decorative lighting. This helped tone down the modernism and allowed the character to shine. We wanted to create a sense of ‘casual elegance’ that portrays luxury in a comfortable setting. This allows our clients to entertain, yet still enjoy as a family home. The interior is filled with character seen through our selection of wallpaper, decorative lighting, millwork detailing, furniture and accessories. We brought a new meaning to bringing the outdoors in which is why this home so unique. Embracing nature for this beachside home through natural materials was an important factor to resembled the elements seen in their backyard. Our favorite innovative feature that takes bringing the outdoors in to a whole new level is in the Primary Ensuite. By having the folding glass wall in front of the freestanding tub, it gives the feeling of bathing right on the deck, next to the ocean. There really isn’t anything more blissful than that!

This project has been accredited and featured in:

sofa white flower pot
The Inlet House flower pot
The Inlet House balcony view
The Inlet House outside view kitchen the kitchen
kitchen white hanging lamp chairs
white chimney blue gas cabinet
The Inlet House bedroom view
white flower pots on dining table
stairs view from the top
The Inlet House bathroom bathtub
pot cabinet in bathroom
bathroom view
bedroom view
white bed sheet blue table
bedroom and bathroom view
bedroom bed view with white and pink pillow
round mirror with hanging lamp
big lamp over the bad
black chairs white big lamp in the kitchen
rounded mirror over wash basin cabinet wall lamp and hat
tv on wall in the bedroom
kitchen and bathroom view